What Microsoft Teams can do for you

www.office.com/setup Blogs: Microsoft Teams is a chat-centered workspace in Office 365. It brings people, conversations, files, and tools into one place, so everyone has instant access to everything they need. Watch the video to see what Microsoft Teams can do for you and your teams.

Sign in to Microsoft Teams

  1. Look for an email invitation from Microsoft Teams in your Inbox. Select Open Microsoft Teams in the email.
  2. Sign in with your work or school account.

NOTE: To use Microsoft Teams, you need an Office 365 account with a Business or Enterprise Office 365 license plan. For more information, see How do I get access to Microsoft Teams.

Sign in to Microsoft Teams - www.office.com/setup

Get the app you want

Microsoft Teams is available as a desktop app and as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

You can also run Microsoft Teams as a web app.

Get the apps - www.office.com/setup

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