OneNote Jump Start recording available Blogs: A couple of weeks ago, we did a live, 2-hour course on getting started in OneNote 2013. It was all about getting organized, taking notes, and sharing information. If you missed it, no worries, because the recording is now available here:

After you sign in to the Microsoft Virtual Academy site, you can watch the videos and follow along at your own pace. You can also download the OneNote workbook we used in the session.

The course uses examples that are common in the IT field, but the stuff we teach will ring true for people in other industries as well. I mean let’s face it: we are bombarded with gobs of information every day. And OneNote is a great way to collect, organize, and make sense of it all.

So watch the videos when you’re ready. Or share them out at your company so that other people can learn the power of taking notes, sharing, and collaborating with OneNote.

–Dave Ludwig and Doug Thomas

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